Our Story

Two Twigs was co-founded by Dr. Alex Antic and Dr. Tania Churchill.

Alex and Tania are senior data science leaders who have a record of delivering data projects that provide real world value – by building and leading high-performance teams, hands-on technical expertise, and strategic advisory. They have experience across industry (particularly the financial sector), government and academia.

Our Mission

The number one asset for organisations is their people. Number two is their data. Creating and maturing data analytics, data management and data governance functions is critical to unlocking the business value of data.

Two Twigs was created to assist organisations on their data journeys.

Organisations face a number of challenges:

  1. Developing data strategy:
    • The organisation first needs to understand the current situation. Generally, this means conducting an assessment to create a baseline for the current maturity of the organisation, and identify risks and opportunities
  2. Resourcing and access to specialised knowledge and skills
    • Data Science, Data Ops and Data Governance are relatively new disciplines, as are the sub-fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) ethics and data privacy. These fields are constantly evolving, and in addition the technology to manage big data is also constantly evolving.
    • In the current tight job market, organisations face increasing challenges in identifying, recruiting and retaining data specialists, including senior data leaders
    • Increasing data literacy in the organisation is generally a foundational piece for managing risks and unlocking opportunities identified in the data strategy. Although there are many options available for data related training courses, there is generally a gap for data training tailored to the organisation, it’s data and the domain(s) it operates in.


As trusted and experienced data and analytics leaders, Alex and Tania partner with organisations to help them unlock the value of their data. They possess a rare blend of technical expertise and business acumen – helping organisations develop impact and change.

Services include setting up technical and strategic projects for success, data maturity assessments, data strategy development and review, and research and development to develop solutions to previously intractable problems.


Two Twigs can develop and deliver data and analytics training tailored to the specific needs of an organisation and their staff. This can include technical uplift, data literacy, or executive training and coaching. By leveraging the team’s extensive hands-on experience, and professional networks, they provide relevant, bespoke, and highly-regarded training services.


Alex and Tania are experienced keynote speakers, having delivered talks and workshops at leading national and international conferences and industry events. They’re adept at delivering inspirational talks that are tailored to the audience – with expertise in demystifying complex technical concepts for non-technical audiences.​


Alex and Tania are expert advisors to industry, government, academia and start-ups, and also serve on several advisory boards. They advise data and analytics professionals and senior executives, and assist them with their career progression. Their expertise will help you to navigate the hype, complexity and nuances of data science and AI.

Meet the Team

Dr. Alex Antic

Dr Alex Antic is a trusted, experienced, and award-winning Data Science & Analytics Leader, Consultant and Trainer, and an expert Adviser to government, industry, academia, and start-ups.

Alex has over 20 years post-PhD experience and knowledge in areas that include Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, and Quantitative Analysis, developed across Federal and State Government, Asset Management, Insurance, Academia, Banking (Investment and Retail) and Consulting.

In 2021, he was officially recognised as one of the Top 5 Analytics Leaders in Australia by IAPA (Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia).

Alex is an Adjunct Professor at RMIT University and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), an Executive Board Member of the Global AI Ethics Institute, and a Senior Member and Certified Professional of the Australian Computer Society.

Alex is the author of Creators of Intelligence: Industry Secrets from AI Leaders.

Dr. Tania Churchill

Dr Tania Churchill is an experienced Data Scientist and Engineering leader comfortable tackling complex, ambiguous projects that provide real world value.

After working in academia and the private sector, she spent a decade within Federal Government, most recently as AUSTRAC’s Head of Data Science. There, she established and led several large projects, most notably a project that researched and developed privacy preserving algorithms that allow criminal activity to be surfaced through flexible queries, while protecting the privacy of innocent citizens.

She is passionate about fusing data science research with domain expertise for social good – with a particular interest in Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs).

Tania is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the ANU, and her qualifications include a PhD in applied Data Science and a Masters in IT (Software Engineering) from UC.

Client Testimonials

“The AI report that you delivered is genuine thought leadership, and it should be front and centre of our business case.”

Services Australia

“Alex has an incredible ability to explain the technically complex principles of data science in a clear and engaging way. In conducting promotional work for HP Z Workstations and Nvidia, Alex was always professional, going above and beyond. His research, insights and overall input were instrumental to the project’s success. Our client has been ecstatic with the exciting, well thought-out content.”

Transmission agency

“The speed by which you and your team have picked up the subject matter and domain context, and provided tangible advice and outcomes, we have not seen before!”

Services AUSTRAlia
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